My page dedicated to Winamp and MP3

Winamp is a software to hear music on a PC...
You can find it and some information on

Like i'm used to use it, I have made some soft to enhance my pleasure.
Maybe it can interest YOU, so here it is:

Add-ons for Winamp

Get_Song Download NOW Get_Song v1.00 (135 ko)

Catch the name of current song played by Winamp and generate two Log files
(.log and .htm) containing all the song and time stamp.

This files can be shared or published on the Web...

View output 1 View output 2

Read the Doc

LED       Download NOW LED v1.00 (33 ko)

Do an Old Style Screen Printing in the manneer of
some Scroll Led Panel.

The text to print is read in shared network files, so you can use it
like a new device for huge output.

Output of LED

Read the Doc

ShowFile       Download NOW ShowFile v1.00 (134 ko)

Show the content of a file
(like LED but in a more Smart/little Windows WindowBox)

The text to print is read in a shared network file.

Sreenshot of my Desktop with ShowFile

Read the Doc

NetPower       Download NOW NetPower v1.15 (1,96 Mo)

Control Winamp on a remote computer,
including add song, change volume, change pos, next...

It can too run command on a remote computer.

Sreenshot of the main screen of NetPower

Sreenshot of the Winamp Module

Read the Doc

Plug-ins for Winamp

   PiPoMan True Led Visualization Download NOW vis_PiPoTrueLed v1.00 (12 ko)

Visualisation Plugin for Winamp

Output on the Real Led

Output on the screen

Read the Doc

Please mail me for any reason...

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