CDbase for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP

"The ultimate media storage file manager"


Spending too much time trying to find a file on your harddisks, cdroms and other media storages?

CDbase can do the job for you by storing all the names of the files you have in one single place, so you can instantly find any filename or any directory name within all your files.

CDbase enables you to manage the thousands and millions files you have by giving you direct access to their physical location. CDbase gives you the ability to browse through your whole archives.

CDbase brings up great results, recording both filenames on disks AND filenames from archives (zip, arj, rar, lha...).

With its unique managing tools, CDbase makes it easier to browse, update, extend, exchange the content of your media storages.

Made both for the normal user and advanced user, CDbase helps you get the best from what you already have!

It's FREE. It's EASY.

Get it NOW!


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  • Instant access to all your cd-roms, disks and other far away media storages,

  • Easy to use interface,

  • Ultra fast search engine,

  • Browse through compressed archives (ZIP, ARJ, RAR...),

  • Outstanding number of search and display options,

  • Designed for Microsoft Windows 95,98,ME,2000 and XP,

  • Completely Free!

  • and so much more...


Click here to download WinCDbase (version 0.97b)


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